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Fabric Cladding

TEXO® is a revolutionary panel system which opens up the potential for the latest architectural fabrics to be easily incorporated into mainstream construction as a cladding material.

The unique patented panel system holds the fabric constantly in pre-tension, whatever the environment, this results in an extremely lightweight, permanent and versatile cladding solution that’s a highly cost effective alternative to traditional materials such as steel or glass.

The finished TEXO® product is a panel but can be more accurately described as a complete system comprising physical properties, design and a proprietary manufacturing process. Architectural fabric is attached to an extruded aluminium frame by an elastomeric strip edge detail in a manufacturing process which uses a specialist tensioning system to set correct biaxial tension of the fabric according to the properties of the fabric and the environmental requirements of the building. The strip then acts like a spring which absorbs loads and then returns the fabric to the original pre-tensioned position and, as a result, massively reduces the loads transmitted to the primary structure compared to traditional tensile fabric engineering principals. TEXO® panels can be easily be integrated into standard curtain walling systems and other cladding.

Fabric cladding – rapid transformation of dull façades

A TEXO® cladding solution can dramatically transform the aesthetics of a building giving it a new lease of life more befitting of modern business.

The aesthetic of a basic commercial building can be completely rejuvenated using TEXO® panels as seen above in the Italmoda and Coni projects. The TEXO® veil also improved the overall energy performance and internal environment of the buildings.

Fabric cladding – value engineering

The TEXO® system was chosen as an alternative to a metal mesh system for a new multi story car park in Blackburn. The architects, Capita Symonds, had designed a car park utilising a copper mesh but budget limitations left them looking for alternatives. TEXO® provided the solution; panels carrying a 2 colour copper and titanium effect architectural mesh fabric gave them a 30% cost saving whilst maintaining the aesthetic and functional vision they were looking for. The TEXO® panel size was 7500mm x 1450mm, an average of 12 panels were installed per day, totalling 2,200m2.

Fabric cladding – an effective Brise Soleil solution

Effective Brise Soleil shading solutions are increasingly important in keeping the energy consumption of buildings to a minimum.

Deichmann stores in Germany used TEXO® panels to over clad an existing glass façade massively reducing internal glare and solar gain and reduced the internal energy consumption of the store by over 40%. The TEXO® panels are extremely lightweight and could be fixed directly to the existing curtain walling system, removing the requirement for a further costly support structure.

TEXO® an evolving system

Continued evolution of the system has added different extrusions; TEXO® 55 which can carry a double fabric skin resulting in a panel with acoustic or thermal properties and TEXO® 100 designed to create a ‘light box’ panel reducing shadows caused by the fame; as seen in the unique Prada façade pictured.

With 250,000m2 of TEXO® installed worldwide you can be sure that you are selecting a tried and trusted product so if it looks like this unique fabric cladding system could meet your brief please don’t hesitate to contact us on 02392 001 322.

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