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Heat and Light

To enhance the climate control of your structure and give your space year-round functionality we can install infrared heating. Infrared heating offers the most energy efficient solution as it targets the heating of people, rather than of the air within the space. The relatively low cost of LED lighting allows the use of colour change lighting, giving you the freedom to adjust the tone and atmosphere within the RGB colour range to fit each event within your structure.

With our fabric structures in particular, as shown in images below, the addition of lighting creates a remarkable atmosphere within your space. The fabric allows a lovely diffused light, not only transmitting it through your structure to give a warming glow to the exterior, but gently softening the reflection of the lights back within your space.

We have a huge range of options for your heating and lighting, including a range of power ratings and PIR sensors, subject to your existing power supplies. Our extensive experience in this field has developed alongside the new technology and we are here to assist you with the right solution to your individual requirements.

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