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The Aura Pavilion is a hugely versatile clear span structure allowing endless possibilities to maximise your outdoor space. The most common uses for these structures are to provide outdoor classrooms or dining and hospitality spaces, we have also seen these used as market places and film screening theatres.

These simple and elegant structures can be enhanced through your choice of frame paint colour (any standard RAL colour) and a wide range of fabric options. If you require branding designing or the addition of your logo, this is also a possibility. The practical nature of our light transmissible and heat reflective fabrics offers a natural element of climate control. Where your needs for protection against the elements may be more specific, we can upgrade your structure to include heating and lighting systems as well as various wall and screen solutions.

What makes our designs incredibly versatile is the ability to alter the leg positioning to work around your specific needs. Pavilions can be built from 3×3 metres to 10×10 metres and the modular design allows for multiple structures to be linked together to form a longer or L-shaped space. Whilst you may wish to do this on the initial install, some clients prefer to add to the structure year on year, as their budget allows, gradually building up their year-round useable outdoor space. We understand that every client is unique and that each site will have specific considerations and obstacles. This is where our 20+ years of experience is priceless. There are few barriers that we have not already faced and engineered solutions for. Where it may not be possible to connect your structure through the ground, we have developed above ground ballast solutions in the forms of decorative planters or seating arrangements.

We approach each project with creativity and innovation to give you the very best solution for your requirements. As your space and requirements change over time, Aura Pavilions are designed in such a way that they can be taken down and reinstalled to a new permanent location. At Aura, we pride ourselves on our can-do ethos and flexible and creative solutions, so please do call us on 023 9200 1322 to discuss your requirements today.

Pavillion Key Features

Sizes: 4mx4m, 5mx5m, 6mx6m, 7,x7m, 8mx8m, 9mx9m, 10mx10m, 12mx12m (bespoke sizes on request)

Can they be linked together: Yes

Canopy Material: PVC Polyester, highly coated. Range of 40 colours available. QA ISO 90001

Frame Material: Steel (CE mark) or aluminium

Frame Paint Specification: Powder coated. Standard RAL colours. Galvanised option.

Gutter: Yes

Wind Rating: BS EN 1990. Basis for structural design, BS EN 1991 – Loads Part 4 Wind

Snow Loading: BS EN 1991 – Loads Part 3 Snow

Fire Rating: M2/B1/BS7837 (class O /A2 fabric available on request)

Waterproof: Yes

Expected Design Life: 20+ years

Fabric Warranty: 10 years (subject to colour)

Foundations: Simple structural reinforced concrete

Installation: 100m2 per day average

Enhancements Available: Branding, Post Protector, Lighting, Heaters, Walls, Screens

Maintenance: Virtually maintenance free. Simple maintenance check and clean every 1-2 years

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