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Linear Canopies

If you require a covered walkway, or an ‘inside outside’ experience alongside your building, a linear canopy design is ideal. Depending on your needs, the shape of the linear roof can either be monopitch or gently vaulted for a lower profile. We work with you to ensure that your canopy will not only provide protection from the elements, giving you more freedom to take the indoors outdoors, but that it also provides beneficial heat reflection to allow a level of climate control in your adjacent indoor space. One school reported a noticeable improvement in the behaviour of its students as a result of our linear canopy installation. The canopy provided a gentle barrier to the sun streaming through the classroom window, creating a more comfortable environment, through reduced heat gain, for the children to concentrate in. *Despite this report, we cannot guarantee well-behaved children!

These simple and elegant structures can be enhanced through your choice of frame paint colour (any standard RAL colour) and a wide range of fabric options including ETFE panels (within our TEXO® system), polycarbonate or toughened glass if required. If you require branding designing or the addition of your logo, this is also a possibility. Our materials comparison page can help you determine if your requirements are best suited to a polycarbonate or fabric solution. Further to this, our canopy buyer’s checklist will aid you in assessing the best options for your needs and allows you to make a fair comparison between potential suppliers. At Aura, we pride ourselves on our can-do ethos, flexible designs and the multiple benefits of our structures which keeps our clients returning as their businesses expand. We understand that your needs are unique, which is why our linear canopy design is engineered to allow for adjustments to the positioning of the posts to ground. This gives us room to accommodate any requirements such as doorways, windows, underground utilities or access needs.

We have over 20 years’ experience working with our clients to overcome design and logistical challenges, so we invite you to get in touch to discuss your needs with us directly on 023 9200 1322. No matter what hurdles you think you may face, we can help establish the perfect solution.

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