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Linear Vaulted

The Aura Linear Vaulted canopy was developed to meet the needs of customers who wanted a linear structure adjacent to a building that provides a more interesting shape than the conventional mono pitch structures commonly seen with polycarbonate roofs.

The Aura Linear Vaulted canopy has a gentle curve providing a pleasing aesthetic and low profile giving the optimum shape for efficient rain and snow handling. As with the Aura Linear Monopitch design you will get maximum flexibility to achieve the canopy that best suits your site and specifications. All of our canopies are made to order which means that you can select not only the colour of the steel frame but the exact position of columns to suit your site for example where there are windows, doors or utilities that need to be accommodated under the canopy. The maximum distance between the canopy columns to ground is a huge 10m (subject to materials specification) allowing to enjoy a less cluttered aesthetic and maximum flexibility in how you use the space.

The canopy roof is constructed using architectural fabrics which have very high light transmission properties to the space below and are also highly heat reflective. The heat reflective properties are extremely beneficial for canopies sited along south and west facing facades because they make a huge contribution to the temperature stability of the adjacent rooms by way of reduced heat gain. The architectural fabric solution allows for lower maintenance and looks newer for longer than its polycarbonate counterpart. The Teflon type coating means that dirt will wash off in the rain and not become ingrained in the fabric, giving a high quality of light transmission and heat reflection. The additional advantage of tensile fabric, unlike a polycarbonate solution, is that there are no joints or gaskets to cause any potential issues.

All of our structures are uniquely designed for your needs with the options of full guttering or walled designs. Please see here [WGPS] for an example of our fully enhanced walls. To discuss your project further, please call us on 023 9200 1322. We will ensure that our 20 years of experience delivers you a solution beyond expectations.

Linear Vaulted Key Features

Sizes: Width 2m, 4m, 6m. Length as required (other widths on request)

Can they be linked together: Yes

Canopy Material: Tensile fabric, polycarbonate

Frame Material: Steel and aluminium (CE mark)

Frame Paint Specification: Powder coated. Standard RAL colours. Galvanised option.

Gutter: Yes

Wind Rating: BS EN 1990. Basis for structural design, BS EN 1991 – Loads Part 4 Wind

Snow Loading: BS EN 1991 – Loads Part 3 Snow

Fire Rating: Depending on material chosen. M2/B1/BS7837. Class O A2

Waterproof: Yes

Expected Design Life: 20+ years

Fabric Warranty: 10 years (subject to colour)

Foundations: Simple structural reinforced concrete

Installation: 250m2 per day average

Enhancements Available: Branding, Post Protector, Lighting, Heaters, Walls, Screens

Maintenance: Virtually maintenance free. Simple maintenance check and clean every 1-2 years

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