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Entrance Canopies

Light and attractive entrance canopies

A tensile fabric canopy can make a fantastic statement entrance canopy while also being practical, permanent and durable. The image above shows an example of how a tensile fabric canopy can be used to provide a sheltered, waterproof entrance with plenty of space for people waiting or moving in and out.

All of our different canopy styles come in a range of sizes and can be linked together to create the size of space that you require for your entrance canopy. Questions often raised by customers looking for an entrance canopy concern the link between the canopy and the main building. Most of our canopy designs are free standing with their own foundations so there are no unnecessary loads imposed onto the existing structure, with small infills provided for rain protection. Please discuss your rainwater handling requirements with us and we will specify the structure accordingly.

An entrance canopy from Aura will be made from a high specification architectural fabric with fantastic light transmission. This means that the light in rooms behind the canopy won’t be compromised. The fabric does however block all UV rays thus cooling the space below and greatly reducing the heat gain within the building on sunny days. A fabric entrance canopy will give you a much cooler space below, when compared to glass or poly carbonate, which should be a factor to consider especially if the site is South facing – everyone has heard concerns about boiling hot conservatories beneath polycarbonate roofs.

Virtually maintenance free entrance canopies

The architectural fabric that we use for our canopies is highly coated which means that dust, dirt and pollutants won’t get into the weave of the fabric and will easily wash off. Annual maintenance really will be minimal, with only a wash down as required and a series of simple checks to complete. You will receive a manual detailing the required checks plus cleaning instructions. Alternatively Aura will be happy to agree a maintenance contract with you to ensure that your entrance canopy is always in top condition and you are satisfied with its performance for the expected design life of 20 years or more.

To discuss your entrance canopy requirements with us please call 02392 001 322.

An entrance canopy from Aura:

  • High light transmission
  • 100% UV protection
  • Reduced heat gain
  • Designed to withstand minimum wind speeds of 120km/h (75mph) and 10cm snow load
  • UK manufacture
  • Flexible design options
  • Free site survey
  • Minimal site preparation
  • Minimal maintenance – only requires an annual wash and check over which can easily be done by your maintenance team

From a UK market leader in school canopies with a wealth of experience

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