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Glass Replacement

TEXO® – patented fabric panel system – an excellent replacement for glass canopies

We hear from our customers that they are often faced with the expense and hassle of replacing glass canopies which are continually failing. These breakages could be due to slight movements in the building structure or because of external damage – in one case damage from missiles dropped by seagulls flying overhead!

The concern is not simply the hassle of replacing a broken glass canopy but the safety of pedestrians beneath it and this is where the unique characteristics of the TEXO® fabric panel system come into their own. The TEXO® frame system can hold any architectural fabric in constant pretension so that it won’t deform under wind or snow loading. For glass replacement purposes an ETFE fabric is usually chosen. The resulting panels won’t break or shatter and are also non-combustible, rated class 0 (fire rating requirement for building products for public buildings in the UK BS 476 Pt 6 Class 0). This means that the fabric is self-extinguishing, will not emit harmful gasses and will not produce burning drips if alight.

The TEXO® panels weigh only 1/10th the weight of the equivalent glass so are much easier and quicker to install but have light transmission rates virtually indistinguishable from glass. The panel widths are up to 2m and the length only restricted by ease of handling during transport and installation (we recommend a maximum of between 6m and 8m).

You may be questioning the longevity of an ETFE panel. As an extruded pure fluoropolymer ETFE is chemically inert and so resists the build-up of environmental pollution – in effect it is self-cleaning. It has been extensively tested in the laboratory and a roof installed in 1984, using ETFE from our main supplier, Nowoflon, is still meeting performance standards today.

A competitive alternative to inflatable cushion technology

As you can see from the above images the replacement flat canopy is almost identical to its glass predecessor but TEXO® panels are also a highly competitive alternative to the inflatable cushion technology that has become popular recently. This is because the unique and patented TEXO® frame system is intrinsically stable. It holds the fabric in tension so there is no need for a cushion of air to maintain the panel shape under snow or wind load and therefore no requirement for the addition of air pump technology to maintain stability and form.

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