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Playground Shelters

Permanent playground shelters

Aura Canopies create playground shelters to benefit your whole school community. We use a technical architectural fabric which is highly coated, waterproof and provides 100% UV protection so you will get full protection from sun, rain and wind, together with a full 10 year fabric guarantee. The light transmission through the fabric is however very high, so you can easily read write or enjoy art activities underneath it.

A playground shelter from Aura will meet your Ofsted requirements and extend the usable footprint of your school. Best of all they are cost-effective, quick to install and guarantee a visually attractive enhancement to your school site.

You have probably come across a number of different materials options in your search for a playground shelter. Our philosophy has always been to provide canopy shelters that are of the best quality which is why they are designed to withstand a minimum of 120km/h (75mph) wind speeds and 10cm of snow loading under British Standards. The frames are steel, not aluminium (which is not as strong), and will therefore not buckle or break under most UK weather conditions and, as a result, you can expect a permanent durable structure with a design life of 20 years or more.

Playground shelter designs to meet your needs

The links on right of this page will take you the Aura range of canopy styles. These standard modular canopy designs, born out of 20 years experience, have been developed to provide you with a flexible, cost effective solution to your playground shelter needs. The first thing that you should probably consider when choosing the canopy design is, will you need a clear span space beneath the canopy or will it be OK to have a central column? Our Architectural Umbrella range has a central column while the Pavilion has legs at each corner. Either style can be installed in multiple units linked together to create the size of playground shelter that you are looking for.

At Aura we have already installed playground shelter canopies in over 600 schools so you can check our credentials from a school similar to yours. Our canopies are made in the UK and installed, usually in one or two days, during school holidays or weekends by our experienced team.

When you choose a playground shelter from Aura you are getting a complete solution designed to meet your needs.

Please call us on 02392 001 322 and ask for Mike Mulchrone who will be pleased to discuss ways in which a playground shelter from Aura might fit your needs.

An Aura playground shelter for your school:

  • Safe shaded areas for play and outdoor classrooms
  • Meet Ofsted recommendations
  • 100% UV protection
  • Designed to withstand minimum wind speeds of 120km/h (75mph) and 10cm snow load
  • Flexible design options
  • High light transmission
  • Heavy duty coated polyester fabric available in a range of 40 colours (click here for the range)
  • Minimal site preparation
  • Minimal maintenance – only requires an annual wash and check over which can easily be done by your maintenance team
  • From UK market leader in school canopies with a wealth of experience

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