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Restaurant Canopies

Attractive, permanent restaurant canopies

There is no doubt about it, UK customers would like to dine outside whenever possible and therefore the right restaurant canopy can increase your usable retail space and your profits.

At Aura we are committed to delivering you a restaurant canopy that is not only an elegant enhancement to your premises but is practical, permeant and durable too. A tensile fabric canopy from Aura will give you a design life of 20 or more years and will only require minimal annual maintenance.

You need to be able to depend on your outside space and not to worry about whether you should take your restaurant canopy down if the weather gets a bit blowy. Our range of canopies are engineered to withstand 120km/h (75mph) winds and snow loads of 10cm, so you can leave then up and your customers can enjoy outside dining all year round.

Restaurant canopies that you and your customers will love

A tensile fabric canopy from Aura not only looks elegant but your customers will enjoy a very pleasant dining environment beneath it. The fabrics that we use are highly coated architectural fabrics, which means that they are fully waterproof and 100% UV proof. The fabric allows fantastic light transmission yet it is highly reflective of the sun’s heat thus creating a light, cool and airy space beneath. We can add heating to your restaurant canopy should you wish and also have a great deal of experience in creating attractive lighting schemes using the light diffusing properties of the fabric to great effect.

Many of our customers are tired of the high maintenance involved in using standard canvas type canopies – or flappy fabric as we call them. You will find that a canopy from Aura requires only minimum maintenance. The tensioned fabric is part of the structure and doesn’t move or flap and therefore it won’t fray or tear. The coating on the fabric is a type of Teflon which prevents dirt and pollution from getting into the weave of the fabric so a simple annual wash down is all that is required to keep it looking good as new. We will provide you with a maintenance guide detailing simple checks and washing procedure that will keep the canopy in top condition for a guaranteed 10 years.

Please use the links on the right of this page to view the different canopy designs in the Aura range. We are confident that you will find a restaurant canopy from Aura much more affordable than you expect; in fact highly competitive when compared with a canvas ‘Jumbrella’.

Please call Mike Mulchrone on 02392 001 322 who has vast experience of the hospitality sector and will be pleased to discuss your requirements with you.

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