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Solar Canopies

We are excited about the potential for canopies to help lower our customers’ carbon footprint by generating solar energy. Solar panels that work in exactly the same way as those fitted to a building roof can be fitted to a canopy and connected to the grid or backup battery storage as required.

Aura will use our expertise to design the canopy structure that best suits your site and then work with our partners, or a partner of your choice, to complete the solar panel installation.

This type of canopy solution could be especially effective as a car port for electric vehicles or to supplement an existing solar panel installation.

If you have an existing canopy and are wondering if it is possible to convert it to a solar canopy please get in touch. We would usually be able to replace the fabric, glass or polycarbonate canopy roof with a grid suitable to carry solar panels.
If you would like to explore the opportunity to use a canopy to generate solar energy, please call us on 02392 001 322.

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