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Walkway Canopies

Tensile fabric canopies are often used to create practical and attractive walkways. The fabrics are waterproof and the structure can be created using many of our modular designs (which you can using the links on the side of this page) or to a custom design should you wish.

The linear style is the most obvious walkway choice; either to link two buildings or along the side of a building. The lightweight nature of a tensile fabric structure becomes a real advantage when locating a walkway around the outside of an existing building because there is minimum load imposed when attaching it onto the existing structure and fewer legs to ground are required.

As an additional benefit, the fabrics we use reflect the majority of the heat from the sun’s rays which reduces the heat gain to the rooms behind the canopy and therefore lessens the requirement for cooling. The teachers at the Alton School in Roehampton were especially pleased that their linear canopy from Aura helped to keep the classrooms cooler and they reported a corresponding improvement in student behaviour.

It’s also important to note that the architectural fabrics we use allow a very high light transmission so that light within the rooms behind a walkway canopy will not be compromised by the canopy.

Walkway canopy designs

Walkway canopies can be constructed from many different fabric structure designs which will create an impactful addition and lift an otherwise plain building. For example a series of conical canopies can be linked or even inverted to create a fluted effect. The gullwing shape (see the link on the right of this page) has been used to stunning effect at the Royal Free Hospital in North London to create a very practical walkway which is over 100m long.

Whichever canopy shape you choose you can be confident that the walkway will be engineered to withstand UK weather conditions to a minimum wind speed of 120 km/h (75mph) and 10cm of snow load. The fabric is protected by a 10 year guarantee and with 20 years experience, and over 1600 canopy installations behind us, you can rely on Aura for the quality solution that you are looking for.

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