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Robust umbrella canopies, as good as new for 10 years+

Now you can buy umbrella canopies for your pub, restaurant or café and safely forget about your outside space. It will remain looking great and attracting customers all year round for 10 years or more.

Unlike the usual ‘flappy’ umbrellas a robust tensile fabric canopy from Aura will stay open safely whatever the weather. They are designed with a wind rating to a minimum of 120km/h (75mph) and snow loading of 10cm and come with our 10 year warranty so there’s no more worrying about having to close those umbrellas in the slightest winds. You can be confident that your outside space can deliver you profits 365 days a year.

Enhance your brand

A canopy from Aura can be selected from a range of 40 colours and printed with your branding, so you can ensure that your brand stands out with the kerb appeal to attract more customers. We can also specify and install the heat and light solutions you require including colour change lights that can really make a statement in the hours of darkness.

Canopies that are virtually maintenance free

We often hear frustrations from our hospitality customers that they are on a constant maintenance and replacement treadmill with their umbrellas. Usually they face two problems; canopy structure failing or the fabric deteriorating due to wear and ground in dirt. Aura tensile fabric canopies are a permanent solution which have steel frames rather than aluminium which is not as strong. They are architecturally designed structures that can withstand 120kmh winds and snow loads up to 10cm. The fabric is a tensioned, structural element of the umbrella; it does not move and therefore does not wear. We use a highly coated architectural fabric (a type of Teflon coating) which does not allow dirt and dust ingress into the fabric weave so it can be easily washed off. As a result you will have only a minimal maintenance task once a year; simply washing down the canopy if required and checking the structural elements.

Umbrella canopies from Aura are of course more expensive than the free sunshade umbrellas given away by suppliers in the hospitality sector. No question about that. But you will probably be surprised at how competitively priced they are compared with semi-permanent alternatives. Return on investment is after all what matters, and with a 10 year plus lifespan and no need to close them, our customers tell us that their revenues increases more than offset the investment within a very short time.

To get a quote please call Mike Mulchrone on 02392 001 322. We are certain that you will be surprised at the value for money an Umbrella canopy from Aura offers you.

  • Increase the usable footprint of your site
  • 365 days outdoor retail opportunity thanks to a design that withstands winds of 120km/h (75mph) and 10cm of snow
  • Canopies can be branded or specified in one of 40 colours
  • Heat and light solutions installed to your requirements
  • Quick installation
  • 100% UV protection
  • 10 year fabric guarantee
  • Minimal maintenance – only requires an annual wash and check over which can easily be done by your maintenance team
  • UK market leaders in canopies for the hospitality and leisure sectors

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