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Canopy Buyer’s Checklist

At Aura we have helped almost a thousand customers specify the tensile fabric structure that is right for their needs. We have used this vast experience to put together a list of questions you might want to consider if you are looking to purchase a fabric canopy. We hope that these are useful and help you to compare different offers from different suppliers should you need to.

We have also provided a downloadable version (below) so that you can store your answers or notes.

What is the canopy for – what needs are you aiming to fulfil or issues are you hoping to solve?

Eg. Additional covered space, aesthetic improvements to your site, shading to lessen heat gain.

If replacing an existing structure what would you like to improve on?

Eg size of area covered, robustness of canopy, easier to clean.

How many people will use the canopy at one time and for what activity?

For example if for formal teaching you might prefer the legs to ground to be at the perimeter rather than in the centre of the structure.

How will the canopy users move into an out of the area?

Affects where the canopy legs might need to be.

Are there any drains, overhead cables, doorways etc that could impact installation of the canopy?

These can normally be worked around so please let us know.

Would you like to link the canopy to an existing building?

Yes/no. What is age and the type of structure of the building to be attached to?

Do you need rainwater handling?

Note you may want to consider where ice may form if rain water were to run off the canopy and freeze in winter.

Which orientation is the proposed canopy site?

North South etc affects where the shading will fall. Also important if you’d like to minimise heat gain.

How many years would you like the structure to remain safe and ‘good as new’?

Please let us know your ideal!

Do you want to use the canopy 365 days a year?

Check for designs built to British Standards for wind rating and snow loading that are safe to use all year round.

Are you willing and able to take the canopy down during the winter months?

If ‘no’, check for designs built to British Standards for wind rating and snow loading that are safe to use all year round.

What is the proposed fabric?

What is its lifespan? What will you need to do to keep it in optimum condition?

What is the proposed canopy sub frame?

Will that resist buckling in strong winds? Does that mean that you might need to take the canopy down if bad weather is likely.

Download PDF version