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Custom Process

If your ideas for a tensile fabric structure are unique, specialised or you really want to make a statement, you can be confident that our approach to designing a bespoke or custom structure will achieve your desired result.

The process to achieve a solution that meets your brief, on time and in budget, starts with a thorough investigation of your needs and the characteristics of the site where the structure is to be located. We have an enormous amount of experience in how the engineering of a tensile fabric structure can achieve the shape and functionality that you are looking for. The structure will also need to be wind rated and snow loaded for the desired geographical location to ensure a design life of 20 plus years.

The next stage is to consider the practicalities of the site and the feasibility of installing the structure so that we can provide the most cost effective solution. At this stage a budget price will be available before going into the full design process.

During the full design stage our specialist tensile fabric engineers will design every aspect of the structure including fabric patterning, cabling, foundations and steel frame structure. You can find a comprehensive flow chart of the process of designing a bespoke is included in our downloads here.

You have probably already realised that the earlier in the ideas phase that you involve us the more we can help to shape the design to achieve your ideal result; not only for an impactful visual statement but also for cost efficiency and practicality. Please don’t hesitate to call us on 02392 001 322 to discuss our ideas.

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